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Thread: Random Image Thread

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    Random Image Thread

    A topic for those looking for those random images that you won't find anywhere but the internets. Of course, "random" is subjective, but as long as it's humorous, weird, or just something you don't see everyday, then you're on topic. Oh, you have to post an image, obviously.

    1) Have to post image
    2) Work safe images only

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    i typed in weird and random on google search images and got this.

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    That's the first time I've seen that.

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    wow ed...

    i hope this guy catches the balloon.

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    I Failzorz at teh Interwebz BMAsRevenge[RS]'s Avatar
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    May 2006
    Can't get any more random than this:

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    hey, it's coolhair!

    just as an aside, here's my favorite bathroom, from the villa Karma, by adolf loos.

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    I wanted to add something odd.

    Here's where Conky says my humor is awful.

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    Can't see whatever you're trying to post, Toast.

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    Nice Chair, my wife would love that.
    Fixed it Ed.

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    I don't see a link even.

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