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New 20-01, 06:59
*ah, Trumps approval rating ? yeah, NOT !! (doh, not to mock our fearless orange troll leader,...)
New 31-12, 00:29
Wazzzzzz uppppppp!
New 18-12, 08:38
same to you PINK .Have a marry Christmass all
New 06-12, 02:22
miss you all. i hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays with your family.
New 06-12, 02:16
how is everyone doing?????
New 06-12, 02:16
the site is still here!!!
New 09-11, 06:26
New 09-11, 06:25
*enter BIG cheese eating Smile here -----> ______ <------
New 09-11, 06:25
New 09-11, 05:57
*ya i know, blah,
New 09-11, 05:56
not on PC but XBox1...
New 27-10, 04:28
Anyone playing Destiny2 on the PC? My ID is Ahriakin#1166 on battlenet....yes Tail & Conky get off the fkn console for this one
New 24-09, 15:13
hey guys. hope everyone is alive and well
New 17-08, 00:28
well take care Cool...
New 17-08, 00:22
New 12-08, 07:59
I gotz a job now Chemo
New 28-07, 04:20
New 28-07, 04:12
New 08-04, 07:20
New 08-04, 00:23
almost any night is fine just give me a heads up
New 07-04, 01:59
I would be up for it, miss playing a games together as a group.
New 06-04, 01:41
Those were good times pink! Things have gotten real quiet! My life got sideways and busy wouldn't mind getting together for a game night. I suppose a few phone text and a couple would be up for it.
New 06-04, 01:37
Good news we are good to go! lol
New 06-04, 01:36
Well its been awhile! I had to change autopay info for vent on my Card. Got an email saying it didn't work info was only a expired by a few months.
New 06-04, 01:29
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