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New 18-02, 00:11
i feel ya Creed,. re formatted, the back up pc, and just now got to 3% download of BF3, man, been over 1/2 hour..
New 17-02, 12:55
it was nice to play something different
New 17-02, 12:54
tryed to get an early game of l4d on the go the other night, but not enough people around so we played bf3 and some hidden
New 17-02, 12:50
i imagine bf3 would be a pretty big download from scratch
New 17-02, 09:20
Have I said "again" enough?
New 17-02, 09:19
An yes Im drunk again, about th eonly time my aspergic ass is human-ass like.
New 17-02, 09:18
Oh BTW Edger it's been great being able to play L4D2 with you again, well against you sincethe new bunch are like the old bunch in not wanting us to be be on the same team but it's good to be swatting pixels with you again.
New 17-02, 09:13
so a wee bit more time to smell the roses....and then disintegrate them with friends
New 17-02, 09:13
be on much between now and next month (march 20th) but will try and sync up with you guys more. I've been doing IT certs hardcore for nearly 8 years. 23 exams in that time. After this one I'm going into maintenance mode for a while, just recerts every 2 years for the main ones
New 17-02, 09:12
System reinstalled, data raid up and running, most data copied back....jesus reinstalling BF3 from scratch is a bitch. Anyway all done and also downloading Golden Eye now. i cant
New 17-02, 05:44
)︻气デ═一 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
New 16-02, 12:36
i vote die is not allowed to pick bf3 servers anymore though
New 16-02, 12:36
It was fun playing the hidden last night guys.
New 14-02, 20:06
Happy Balentines Day everyone!
New 14-02, 08:05
Happy Valentine's Day ! <3
New 14-02, 03:16
okay, WINDOWDS UPDATE, then roboot, then iz be back to game,.. * were playing web came Shot's Night, right ? cuz, I got a fifth of Rum, and Iz ready to get sum drinkin' on,.... who wanna play ?
New 14-02, 00:38
oh, i found a licence plate after we(da wife and i), left the tax palce, look at the random image thread,... * i lol'ed, and them sent a text pic to like almost everyone, minus a few, who can see it on the forums..
New 14-02, 00:36
taxes went too bad, just getting readying for tomorrow now, the "LOVE DAY",.. *getting jiggy with it, y'all !! (wait, twaz that a Will Smith song,. hmm i think so,. ) my memory still slightly remains,.. .. barely
New 14-02, 00:27
lol, ya thanks Conky, was thinking of editing my shout to add that, but my StUpId tablet, omg, , (junk), but couldn't get the smilies to even show up, so i didn't bother, was in to much of a rush to get 'thans done,..
New 13-02, 22:14
Bonus time = 5 SSD Raid0 to build at the weekend....As they say in Spaceballs "set it to Ludcirous Speed!!!".....downside I won't be able to use the PC much for gaming until the end of March (exams). Ah well
New 13-02, 12:42
oh and i think this is what your looking for chemo
New 13-02, 12:41
check your pms rev
New 13-02, 02:51
omg, trying to get my medical receipts together, so i can go do my taxes tomorrow afternoon,.. but what a hassle.. * bangs head against desk...
New 12-02, 04:47
Ya, I feel ya, bro. I sometime, get "frisky", and get on early, and no one is on, and then, i get on later, and i join in as peps are just leaving. i'm in a rut of bad timing. * I blame the meds, has my gaming cycle all messed up,..
New 12-02, 01:17
I keep missing everyone when I get one now, Dark you east coast time zone!
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