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New 11-02, 23:22
uh,.. he's that dead sexy Canadian that every one loves around here,... oh wait,.. that's Lahey
New 11-02, 23:20
whos chemo?
New 11-02, 23:13
Good Job Rev !
New 11-02, 23:13
New 11-02, 00:56
Yaa Shoutbox is up!!!
New 11-02, 00:35
This is the only one youll ever have to use Rev.
New 10-02, 22:53
alllllllll right
New 10-02, 22:05
Don't know lurk I turned on smiles but that wasn't it because it worked for several shouts after.
New 10-02, 22:02
k made it a module for front page.
New 10-02, 22:01
i want to know what happened to the other shoutbox
New 10-02, 22:01
lol alright, well this one seems to be working now
New 10-02, 20:52
New 10-02, 20:48
i still need to tweak settings and options but it seems to be fine
New 10-02, 20:47
OK lets try this one. lol i just installed a new shoutbox due to the fact the inferno one stopped working about 2 hours after installation.
New 10-02, 20:44
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