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New 30-06, 07:56
hmm,.. i gave this a try,.. it sems to "work" okay,.. * but that's my opinion ---------> http://game-booster.en.softonic.com/
New 29-06, 03:13
Good to hear. I frickin miss the you guys. I still enjoy reminiscing on old times. BTW Rev i still need you to build my dream home.
New 27-06, 13:08
Hey! All is well just quiet.
New 26-06, 19:30
Just popped in to say hey guys. I hope all is well.
New 05-06, 01:31
self* damn beer
New 05-06, 01:30
Tail, this made me think of you https://www.pinterest.com/pin/278308451946961187/ I know its pintrest....go fuck yourdelf
New 05-06, 01:29
BF4 now? anyone?
New 05-06, 01:28
Hey Chemo!! Edmonton is my team. I havent seen any meaningful hockey since 2005. Oh well fml
New 02-06, 11:54
if i see somebody playing it i will jump on but i dont seem to play it much alone.
New 02-06, 05:09
blah blah blah...
New 02-06, 05:09
*if any of you still play it, that is..
New 02-06, 05:09
Double Xp, Battlefield, until June 7th
New 02-06, 01:35
Happy June 1st,.. you rascals
New 02-06, 01:35
*way too much action going on in the Shoubox,.. calm it down some
New 23-05, 04:20
*blah blah blah, was something about hockey,.. blah blah blah
New 23-05, 03:50
Tie game at 3-3, Tampa vs Pittsburgh, ....
New 15-05, 09:13
It was TrueAssMaster's Birthday, yesterday. *happy belated bday, Ash !!
New 12-05, 07:26
Starwars Battlefront has a free to play 4 hours thing going. * just thought i'd share that. That is all.
New 11-05, 03:17
yeah idk 40$ is iffy on it, if they let you atleast have servers or a more seleted game play so you only do TDM or payload or king of the hill it would be a lot more fun
New 10-05, 21:56
ya i thought it was pretty good goblin. I still think its not worth full price though.
New 10-05, 13:40
New 09-05, 20:57
I see that Rev prank/ butt dialed, called me this morning,.. had the ringer turned off, didn't notice that you called until just now. And the BF1 trailer looks great. I posted a link on my FB, .... Mantis... hello you.
New 08-05, 04:35
I have been playing for a little while now, I am really enjoying it also
New 07-05, 12:00
Overwatch has an open beta this weekend. Its like team fortress and i have to say i like it. Its not something I would pay full price for but its fun. Has anyone else played it?
New 05-05, 09:30
I played the beta, Creed. I actually liked it,for not being a FPS. Theboy has it on/for the Xbox One.《---junk. PC is the best for games,* imo
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