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New 28-03, 07:58
Happy Birthday Conky !!!
New 05-03, 05:15
maybe we can all get together a game again.. miss all of u
New 05-03, 05:13
gun game will NEVER be the same with out u guys.
New 05-03, 05:12
i miss u all
New 06-02, 22:11
I miss everyone!
New 01-01, 04:45
happy New Year !!
New 28-12, 20:34
Merry Christmas guys!
New 25-12, 06:37
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings !!!
New 20-12, 02:23
Happy Holiday's everyone!
New 12-11, 00:21
Is it Mac OSx compatible?! lol
New 12-11, 00:17
Hi Creed, good to hear that's it's a good game! I might check it out soon. I've been wanted to get back into a shooter.
New 11-11, 02:26
* Hillary should of enabled wall hackz.
New 07-11, 02:28
Yup Titanfall 2 is fkn awesome. I've been playing it all day, haven't gotten that into a multiplayer game in years. If any of you get it on PC let me know and we can sync up some evening, well more likely weekend with the time difference but regardless I can't recommend it enough.
New 05-11, 03:21
robots. Can't go wrong....It's somewhere between BF and Warframe, definitely worth a look.
New 05-11, 03:20
Of course! Master race all the way . Can't stand playing shooters with console controllers. Anyway haven't actually been back to play it since, nothing wrong with it just nothing new. I did get Titanfall 2 yesterday though and it's pretty damn good. Finished the campaign earlier and had a few MP matches. Very fast movement, solid gunplay and big fkn
New 04-11, 02:10
Nice, what did everyone get it on? the PC?
New 01-11, 03:41
Happy Halloween
New 25-10, 16:08
It's decent enough, more focus on infantry and direct combat I think, less about the gadgets. Gameplay unfortunately is still pretty much identical, they really need to add some variety. Played a little with Tail last night, was fun.
New 25-10, 02:24
How is the new BF1 game is everyone playing it?
New 20-10, 21:24
BF1- EA finally did away with the "open browser" concept ? About time !
New 04-10, 00:33
i'm game
New 10-09, 23:00
New 10-09, 05:32
Big Rat !! hey hey you !
New 10-09, 00:16
Yes! Let's bring on the Stick Nades!
New 10-09, 00:16
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