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New 05-11, 02:21
robots. Can't go wrong....It's somewhere between BF and Warframe, definitely worth a look.
New 05-11, 02:20
Of course! Master race all the way . Can't stand playing shooters with console controllers. Anyway haven't actually been back to play it since, nothing wrong with it just nothing new. I did get Titanfall 2 yesterday though and it's pretty damn good. Finished the campaign earlier and had a few MP matches. Very fast movement, solid gunplay and big fkn
New 04-11, 01:10
Nice, what did everyone get it on? the PC?
New 01-11, 02:41
Happy Halloween
New 25-10, 15:08
It's decent enough, more focus on infantry and direct combat I think, less about the gadgets. Gameplay unfortunately is still pretty much identical, they really need to add some variety. Played a little with Tail last night, was fun.
New 25-10, 01:24
How is the new BF1 game is everyone playing it?
New 20-10, 20:24
BF1- EA finally did away with the "open browser" concept ? About time !
New 03-10, 23:33
i'm game
New 10-09, 22:00
New 10-09, 04:32
Big Rat !! hey hey you !
New 09-09, 23:16
Yes! Let's bring on the Stick Nades!
New 09-09, 23:16
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New 05-09, 04:03
Hey there! It's been over 3 years since I've even logged in. Just thought I'd say hello.
New 01-09, 04:26
Halo,...*bring on the sticky nades
New 26-08, 00:07
We should try and schedule a Halo night if everyone still has that game.
New 26-08, 00:06
Yeah I miss our gaming nights. I get so busy I get to play a game once in a while.. Damn Life... Counter Stroke GO has been sucking up an hour here and there throughout the week. I forgot how much I missed the competitive nature of that game.
New 21-08, 02:05
Yup miss the gaming nights too. Moving continents or just time and it's fkn affect? Either way not good.
New 21-08, 02:04
Loving yet manly mens men platonic cuddles to you too Die
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New 06-08, 01:09
First time here in a long time. I miss everyone!
New 06-08, 01:04
Happy August too!
New 05-08, 14:55
Happy August
New 29-07, 11:11
Happy birthday, Toast !
New 11-07, 21:24
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