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New 11-01, 05:47
im so not enjoying this cold weather,..
New 09-01, 05:20
Texas is rocking, isn't it, Tail ?
New 03-01, 05:26
Happy New Year, RS !!
New 01-01, 02:04
happy new year!!!!
New 25-12, 22:06
merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New 25-12, 14:09
Christ's second coming, the site looks awesome! Thanks, guys!
New 25-12, 09:53
BTW anyone playing Eliteangerous? If so give me a shout, ingame name is 'Ahriakin'.
New 25-12, 09:52
Nollaig Shona! or just plain old Merry Xmas from this side of the pond folks, hope ye have a great holiday
New 24-12, 06:27
Well, have a pleasant Christmas Everyone,.. *Toast, I got your card yesterday(23rd),. thank you.
New 24-12, 06:24
WOW! this looks really fantastic ! I haven't been on the forums in a while, an I come to give all a pleasant Christmas wishes, ans I get this beautiful new new Clan web site. Good Job Rev !! (Conky \ and Pot also,.. &.. ?) etc Awesome.
New 23-12, 12:34
wow over a decade and that is the first time I saw someone thank pot
New 22-12, 00:42
I want thank asshole I mean "Pot" for giving us a hand in getting this working.
New 22-12, 00:42
much better
New 22-12, 00:41
Ok were back up using a default skin. Seems to be an issue with compatibility on old skins.
New 21-12, 15:43
ok in firefox does not work at all in ie
New 21-12, 13:51
Site is working still have issues that can be fixed but head was starting to hurt. We are upgraded to to 4.2 for now
New 21-12, 04:44
New 19-12, 17:57
Steam Holiday Sale until jan.2
New 14-12, 14:46
i have definitely watched much worst series finales. For example Dexter if anybody ever watched it.
New 14-12, 14:45
I really liked sons of anarchy. I originally thought they might end it in a certain way but after the end of season 6 that could not happen.... So the ending they choose I think was the best way to go after everything the main character went through.
New 14-12, 03:58
http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasoneva...dows-defender/ For W7 users that didn't know of this, I just read about on Yahoo,.. thought I would pass it along..
New 10-12, 08:43
"Sons of Anarchy",..imo,decent show, anyone else ever watch it? my wife got me a t-shirt for my bday with the SOA emblem on it, cheers
New 30-11, 06:00
a happy belated birthday shout out to "Stinky",.. it was his 20th bday on the 28th..
New 28-11, 19:58
never really looked to see what was on though
New 28-11, 19:58
steam sale until dec.2 and a black friday origin sale
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