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New 22-03, 01:31
Mainly been playing Elite Dangerous. Actually getting a bit compulsive now since I'm starting to earn enough money to buy better ships. Other than that a little study and watching to see if anyone is playing Evolve or Hardline now, slackers....okay I didn't buy Hardline either, looks like no one (even the group I hang with this side of the pond) did
New 20-03, 03:37
New 18-03, 13:41
What have we been doing you ask? Waiting for the winter to end ....We just had 59 cm (23 inches) of snow the other day and we might get another 30 cm (12 inches) today.
New 10-03, 19:10
what have you guys been doing ?
New 19-02, 23:46
hello..just been enjoying all the snow we have been getting, and the bitter cold. it's so awesome,.. *NOT
New 04-02, 11:46
Congrates to New England.,. was a close game,. SeaHaws fubar'd the game but was a decent game,.
New 30-01, 04:13
Seahawks or New England for the win ? * Deflate Gate,. LOL,. N.E. hacked the Colts,. hahahaha
New 28-01, 21:15
come on just hug it out
New 28-01, 01:58
just when I was starting to enjoy the shoutbox die shows up!
New 28-01, 00:23
First time i've posted in the shout box in a long time! Hola! lol
New 21-01, 16:28
So far at least this winter has been much better than last. It has been, still for the most part ,really cold but way less snow from this point last year.
New 21-01, 11:38
yes indeed,. but not much snow here,... less than 4"- sense first snow fall in november.(ithis being in the south-center part of the state)
New 14-01, 00:17
ya i am not a fan of winter
New 11-01, 06:47
im so not enjoying this cold weather,..
New 09-01, 06:20
Texas is rocking, isn't it, Tail ?
New 03-01, 06:26
Happy New Year, RS !!
New 01-01, 03:04
happy new year!!!!
New 25-12, 23:06
merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New 25-12, 15:09
Christ's second coming, the site looks awesome! Thanks, guys!
New 25-12, 10:53
BTW anyone playing Eliteangerous? If so give me a shout, ingame name is 'Ahriakin'.
New 25-12, 10:52
Nollaig Shona! or just plain old Merry Xmas from this side of the pond folks, hope ye have a great holiday
New 24-12, 07:27
Well, have a pleasant Christmas Everyone,.. *Toast, I got your card yesterday(23rd),. thank you.
New 24-12, 07:24
WOW! this looks really fantastic ! I haven't been on the forums in a while, an I come to give all a pleasant Christmas wishes, ans I get this beautiful new new Clan web site. Good Job Rev !! (Conky \ and Pot also,.. &.. ?) etc Awesome.
New 23-12, 13:34
wow over a decade and that is the first time I saw someone thank pot
New 22-12, 01:42
I want thank asshole I mean "Pot" for giving us a hand in getting this working.
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