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New 07-05, 05:58
"Suspected of killing many other players and having it recorded globally, providing weapon unlocks....may be in cahoots with Dice to promote their gaming system"
New 07-05, 05:57
oh dear... so it's
New 07-05, 05:57
"Suspected Stat Padder
New 06-05, 05:56
New 06-05, 05:56
* anyone try the Crown Royal Black? dude,.. if your a Crown fan,. then ya gotta try it,.. *IMO,.. comes in a blck bag, unlicke regular Crown, in the blue bag,.., it's Tops also..*IMO
New 06-05, 05:52
Okay, Canada made Crown Royal for the Queen of England when she came over for a visit, back in,.?. ( failed to look it up, but does that mean she's a drunk too ? Like us Americans ? I mean, Crown Royal is still my favorite, *so is that Kraken Spriced Rum,.. but Crown Royal is tops! * IMO
New 05-05, 22:19
who dropped the ball ?
New 05-05, 21:41
yes, mint flavored pennies, awesome!
New 05-05, 05:12
The very last Canadian penny minted today: http://edmonton.ctv.ca/servlet/an/lo...b=EdmontonHome
New 05-05, 01:43
Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: c0nky - suspected stat padder and shotgun hacker (Lowndex)
New 05-05, 01:43
while everyone is taking jabs at each other this is what u are missing in bf3
New 05-05, 01:39
Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: Shirtless_Lahey - hacker (Lowndex) This is a new one lol
New 05-05, 01:21
New 05-05, 01:21
now now girls
New 04-05, 21:55
Yours have yet to even drop...
New 04-05, 19:46
New 04-05, 19:46
grow some balls
New 04-05, 06:40
i was on about 930-ish,.. Ash and Greed were playing L4d2,.I played a map of TDM of BF3, and called it a night. maybe catch ya guys on tomorow night..* wife leaving town all weekend, Boo-Rah !
New 02-05, 05:57
but I HOPE to be on and play soon, i hate storms,i tend t,okay, be a puss,..so ineed to release some stress man...stupid phone wont even let me play games in Our Arcade section.....*rages and throws cell phone at wife," see, i told you these f-ing phones su......Chemo's wifes shoots chemo....- the end.
New 02-05, 05:52
anyway, Indiana, and looked like Ohio were getting the blunt end of the storm when I went to bed,..It flooded streets up in Indy, idk if near Shangus,.but quarter size hail in some places.. hellz with that..
New 02-05, 05:49
*opps,..i forgot to say,"it didn't make any f-ing sense !"..there, i got my rage out, i feel bettet now. thank you...
New 02-05, 05:47
cable was out from 3pm-ish,to about when the "biggest loser" was at past mid way,*for the wife to see,...and oh yes,"the voice"..i texted Rev said internet was still out and went to bed*tv cable worked,but internet & phone were still out,..made no SENSE !
New 02-05, 05:42
*was wanting to play 2Xnite, but we got nailed w/ some nasty weather,.i guess,and this is just a "rumor",but it was said a tornado touched down on the west side of our city..i will know more later today..
New 02-05, 05:39
LOL! you guys beat me to it,..thanks. for some reason, this so call "smart phone", won't scroll down to see all the "smilies",kinda lame,but,..thanks for ur assistance..
New 02-05, 00:13
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