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New 27-10, 04:28
Anyone playing Destiny2 on the PC? My ID is Ahriakin#1166 on battlenet....yes Tail & Conky get off the fkn console for this one
New 07-11, 02:28
Yup Titanfall 2 is fkn awesome. I've been playing it all day, haven't gotten that into a multiplayer game in years. If any of you get it on PC let me know and we can sync up some evening, well more likely weekend with the time difference but regardless I can't recommend it enough.
New 05-11, 03:21
robots. Can't go wrong....It's somewhere between BF and Warframe, definitely worth a look.
New 05-11, 03:20
Of course! Master race all the way . Can't stand playing shooters with console controllers. Anyway haven't actually been back to play it since, nothing wrong with it just nothing new. I did get Titanfall 2 yesterday though and it's pretty damn good. Finished the campaign earlier and had a few MP matches. Very fast movement, solid gunplay and big fkn
New 25-10, 16:08
It's decent enough, more focus on infantry and direct combat I think, less about the gadgets. Gameplay unfortunately is still pretty much identical, they really need to add some variety. Played a little with Tail last night, was fun.
New 21-08, 03:05
Yup miss the gaming nights too. Moving continents or just time and it's fkn affect? Either way not good.
New 21-08, 03:04
Loving yet manly mens men platonic cuddles to you too Die
New 05-05, 05:32
Yes and Doom looks like a god awful console fk-up.
New 05-05, 05:31
But my time is BST/GMT+DST. So depending on the exact date, 6+ C.E.T.
New 05-05, 05:31
Chemo. On PC try the Division. If you do hunt down my alter 'Ahriakin', you might like it, somewhere between Warframe and BF.
New 20-03, 20:33
Yeah, I did too but it's not the same. You have to fight inbuilt acceleration and auto-aim (which was awful on Destiny, move your reticle within a foot of an enemies head and it would snap to it, besides being frustrating it also removes any sense that it's you doing the shooting).
New 18-03, 18:28're playing it on Console....a shooter....with a controller.....o_O.....Ah well, yep it's a resource hog but still looks and plays great great on medium/low (where I currently have it)....But I'd rather run it at 640x480 in 8bit than have to use a fkn controller , that drove me off Destiny.
New 13-03, 06:05
so get on it broheims. I need end-game strike (daily mission) partners. And if you're playing it on console ffs get onto a real platform without auto aim and join me.
New 13-03, 06:04
Okay, just finished the plot, hit max level (30) a few hours before. It's bloody excellent. haven't enjoyed a shooter this much since Warframe. It's what I wanted Destiny to be (well having native Mouse/Kbd controls to start with is a plus, not pushing DLC down your throat another). I've played a bit of the Dark Zone and it's a blast, no real MP yet
New 08-03, 05:35
Just finished the prologue and first mission....Me likey
New 08-03, 04:07
New 08-03, 04:07
Hey Guys, I noticed some of you played The Division Beta, I didn't but picked it up anyway. Gimme a shout if you're on it, Uplay - Ahriakin.
New 08-03, 04:06
Hey Guys, I noticed some of you played The Division Beta, I didn't but picked it up anyway. Gimme a shout if you
New 28-02, 23:34
FYI looks like Die's Skype was hacked. If you get a link on text-conversation over it, do not follow.
New 10-10, 03:17
Boo...Battlefront Beta....not bad gents, not bad.
New 14-08, 01:02
Rocket League....that is all.
New 07-07, 02:58
Any of you guys playing/played 'Dirty Bomb'? Free2Play FPS, like an Arena version of CS. It's actually pretty good fun. Give me a shout if you are up for some games.
New 20-06, 04:09
Greeteeengz Be-oachezzz. Yes up late and drunk again. Surprise. Anyway here is the one thing from E3 so far that has me excited, for what it's worth, liven up your day.
New 12-06, 05:21
like tonight I guess. Anyway....hey
New 12-06, 05:21
Anyway, guess Battlefront will be th enext biggy. Played some L4D2 the other night with Witch. Very nostalgic, no game rage either due to that or the beers required to have me up that latre
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