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New 07-04, 01:59
I would be up for it, miss playing a games together as a group.
New 06-02, 22:11
I miss everyone!
New 20-12, 02:23
Happy Holiday's everyone!
New 12-11, 00:21
Is it Mac OSx compatible?! lol
New 12-11, 00:17
Hi Creed, good to hear that's it's a good game! I might check it out soon. I've been wanted to get back into a shooter.
New 04-11, 02:10
Nice, what did everyone get it on? the PC?
New 25-10, 02:24
How is the new BF1 game is everyone playing it?
New 10-09, 00:16
Yes! Let's bring on the Stick Nades!
New 10-09, 00:16
New 26-08, 01:07
We should try and schedule a Halo night if everyone still has that game.
New 26-08, 01:06
Yeah I miss our gaming nights. I get so busy I get to play a game once in a while.. Damn Life... Counter Stroke GO has been sucking up an hour here and there throughout the week. I forgot how much I missed the competitive nature of that game.
New 06-08, 02:09
First time here in a long time. I miss everyone!
New 06-08, 02:04
Happy August too!
New 28-01, 00:23
First time i've posted in the shout box in a long time! Hola! lol
New 25-01, 16:09
I just purchased BF4 so I could actually join you guys
New 22-01, 18:59
Aparently I missed everyone by about 5 minutes last night on Vent
New 20-09, 22:05
South Park blames canada for everything.
New 07-09, 03:44
Well I'm happy with that
New 04-05, 15:24
boo! lol Won't get to do that mission
New 04-05, 15:21
New 04-05, 15:21
New 01-05, 21:35
Seriously $1070 a month for a 600ft2 1br apartment is rediculous......
New 01-05, 21:34
After three years I am sadly single again, and am moving this weekend from a house to a 1 bedroom apartment. I NEED MORE SPACE!! Sorry I've been away for a few weeks will hopefully be back on sometime this month.
New 29-04, 17:35
Bad ass Tail!
New 25-04, 19:49
Get better Chemo!
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