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New 18-12, 08:38
same to you PINK .Have a marry Christmass all
New 12-08, 07:59
I gotz a job now Chemo
New 19-04, 08:10
pretty sure my comp cant haldle it
New 01-01, 07:48
what he said
New 07-11, 00:22
i know the feeling rev
New 19-08, 22:34
New 14-07, 06:16
yea it was pretty fun.
New 03-04, 18:58
we should all try to get togather for a halo night or something
New 03-04, 18:57
New 23-11, 23:12
New 03-11, 07:48
my comp cant take the CoD
New 31-10, 23:11
Anyone getting the new CoD. i might it looks pretty good
New 08-06, 07:52
11 years worth through 5 different computers they have been at my side. i had some for every mood. yes some were disturbing; yet others that could touch the soul. woe is me...WOE IS ME
New 07-06, 07:32
i accidentally deleted all my porn yesterday...there is no god
New 26-01, 21:49
New 31-05, 01:55
New 25-04, 06:06
see you when you get back my brother from another mother
New 25-12, 15:37
well merry X=mas douches and and douchas
New 03-12, 14:51
well now that you mention it, typing Arab reader into certain sites gets you some weird stuff. thanks fo the tip Tail. I know you aways got my....back
New 26-11, 22:44
ill wpank you uou aanyday
New 23-11, 06:11
man i ate way to much
New 16-11, 22:01
vent says it will shut down in less then 24 hours
New 04-06, 05:44
i blame conky. that guy is always talking about the goverment
New 04-06, 05:43
thanks man. when i loged in it said somthing about the server will shut down in less then 24 hours
New 03-06, 19:50
gah vents still down
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