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New 06-12, 02:22
miss you all. i hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays with your family.
New 06-12, 02:16
how is everyone doing?????
New 06-12, 02:16
the site is still here!!!
New 05-03, 05:15
maybe we can all get together a game again.. miss all of u
New 05-03, 05:13
gun game will NEVER be the same with out u guys.
New 05-03, 05:12
i miss u all
New 28-12, 20:34
Merry Christmas guys!
New 29-06, 04:13
Good to hear. I frickin miss the you guys. I still enjoy reminiscing on old times. BTW Rev i still need you to build my dream home.
New 26-06, 20:30
Just popped in to say hey guys. I hope all is well.
New 02-01, 21:40
Miss gaming with all of you. More then you think. ****darn auto spell on my phone**
New 02-01, 05:26
Miss gaming with all of more then you know!
New 02-01, 05:26
Happy new year!!
New 02-09, 02:36
Hey Rev! How you been? I have been waiting for you to build my dream house.
New 30-08, 02:15
Oh frinkin snap! I remembered my password . Miss you all!
New 07-09, 14:30
I miss you guys!
New 07-09, 14:08
*Gasp* Hello!
New 28-09, 15:11
other then that there is nothing new. How are things going around here? How have you all been?!
New 28-09, 15:10
Long time no talk so ill fill you in with what is new. Expecting number 2 in Oct (a boy) umm, Finally finished school in Sep with BS in crimnal justice. Still dont game much. Ever once in a while ill hop COD to kick my mans butt (hahaha more like the other way round)
New 28-09, 15:08
Hey strangers!
New 14-05, 20:12
NO pink font! Hey Ice! Yes it has been way too long. How are you?
New 14-05, 18:34
Hey Rev! how you been? I seen the pics of your new basement..looking SWEET! When are starting mine hahahaha
New 14-05, 05:35
I FINALLY remembered my loggin!!
New 08-09, 23:26
wow good luck Rev! Stay safe
New 07-09, 18:51
Thats great! Congratz Randy and to the rest of the news dads!
New 07-09, 04:29
what is this new addition you speak of Rev? BTW YOUR 40!!! Happy Birthday OLD MAN!
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