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New 08-04, 00:23
almost any night is fine just give me a heads up
New 06-04, 01:41
Those were good times pink! Things have gotten real quiet! My life got sideways and busy wouldn't mind getting together for a game night. I suppose a few phone text and a couple would be up for it.
New 06-04, 01:37
Good news we are good to go! lol
New 06-04, 01:36
Well its been awhile! I had to change autopay info for vent on my Card. Got an email saying it didn't work info was only a expired by a few months.
New 06-04, 01:29
New 04-10, 00:33
i'm game
New 07-08, 16:14
New 27-06, 14:08
Hey! All is well just quiet.
New 19-03, 22:10
Can't argue with you there Creed! I hate controllers too. Hey didn't Tail hack a mouse and keyboard to his PS3?
New 13-03, 13:27
Not sure where Conlky and Tail are at. They both got the game I'm near the end of a messy job but should be back soon.
New 22-02, 13:42
Congrads I think.... um maybe good luck lol
New 10-01, 00:20
lol Hey it was fun last night Pink.
New 02-01, 01:03
Happy New year back strangers!
New 13-10, 03:15
Time to rebuild soon. Graphics card having fits so likely cant even check it out without crashing and rig is getting to old to even bother with a new card
New 02-09, 12:57
There all here though lurking in the background lol. Our forums crashed awhile back and we never recovered as far as posting goes.
New 02-09, 12:56
lol good but busy. I haven't been gaming much lately working 8 day a week lol still around though. The core group are still around we don't see each other as much but some are playing ps4 some other games some just busy like me.
New 01-09, 13:31
lol hi pink!
New 26-08, 01:16
Almost every day
New 28-01, 01:58
just when I was starting to enjoy the shoutbox die shows up!
New 22-12, 01:42
I want thank asshole I mean "Pot" for giving us a hand in getting this working.
New 22-12, 01:41
Ok were back up using a default skin. Seems to be an issue with compatibility on old skins.
New 21-12, 14:51
Site is working still have issues that can be fixed but head was starting to hurt. We are upgraded to to 4.2 for now
New 21-12, 05:44
New 06-08, 02:19
Thats my local news
New 06-08, 02:18
lol I saw that one.
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