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New 16-08, 23:28
well take care Cool...
New 16-08, 23:22
New 12-08, 06:59
I gotz a job now Chemo
New 28-07, 03:20
New 28-07, 03:12
New 08-04, 06:20
New 07-04, 23:23
almost any night is fine just give me a heads up
New 07-04, 00:59
I would be up for it, miss playing a games together as a group.
New 06-04, 00:41
Those were good times pink! Things have gotten real quiet! My life got sideways and busy wouldn't mind getting together for a game night. I suppose a few phone text and a couple would be up for it.
New 06-04, 00:37
Good news we are good to go! lol
New 06-04, 00:36
Well its been awhile! I had to change autopay info for vent on my Card. Got an email saying it didn't work info was only a expired by a few months.
New 06-04, 00:29
New 28-03, 06:58
Happy Birthday Conky !!!
New 05-03, 04:15
maybe we can all get together a game again.. miss all of u
New 05-03, 04:13
gun game will NEVER be the same with out u guys.
New 05-03, 04:12
i miss u all
New 06-02, 21:11
I miss everyone!
New 01-01, 03:45
happy New Year !!
New 28-12, 19:34
Merry Christmas guys!
New 25-12, 05:37
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings !!!
New 20-12, 01:23
Happy Holiday's everyone!
New 11-11, 23:21
Is it Mac OSx compatible?! lol
New 11-11, 23:17
Hi Creed, good to hear that's it's a good game! I might check it out soon. I've been wanted to get back into a shooter.
New 11-11, 01:26
* Hillary should of enabled wall hackz.
New 07-11, 01:28
Yup Titanfall 2 is fkn awesome. I've been playing it all day, haven't gotten that into a multiplayer game in years. If any of you get it on PC let me know and we can sync up some evening, well more likely weekend with the time difference but regardless I can't recommend it enough.
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